So, this little section will be for short posts about news relating to my research, as and when it comes out. For previous coverage, you can read more in the Articles & Press page here.


May – 5th

Added my Appendices 1-3 from the my PhD thesis on my Academia page

Mar – 17th

Correction to our paper ‘Multiple Optimality Criteria Support Ornithoscelida‘ is now available here; as well as here.

Feb – 28th

Palerxiv version of Dinosaur Diversity paper with Jon and Ale added to Academia page

Feb – 23rd

My paper with Megan Williams on Caseosaurus is now available on my Academia page and my ResearchGate page. Enjoy!

Feb – 21st

Looks like CNET decided to cover our paper too! Metrics for it are doing well… over 5,000 views so far, and counting!

Feb – 19th

Hurrah! The first news article for the site. Today, Tennant, Chiarenza and Baron (I), published a paper in PeerJ on how our ideas about dinosaur diversity have changed over the past two decades.

John also wrote a cool blog piece about it!

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